Our History

The History of Brisbane Chinese Alliance Church

The History of Brisbane Chinese Alliance Church BCAC began in 1990 as the Chinese congregation of the Antioch International Church (AIC, or also affectionately known as “Antioch”), located in Sunnybank Hills. The pastors that have served over the years include Rev John Mui, Rev Alpha Ho, Rev Kim Goh, Pastor Lai and Rev Daniel Lam.

Soon Antioch was too big for its location in Sunnybank Hills, and in 2001 it was decided that Antioch would branch out into two separate churches: Southside International Church and Brisbane Chinese Alliance Church. BCAC began establishing itself at Rochedale in 2005; this was the beginning of a very busy period in BCAC history with many fundraising events being held including garage sales, fundraising luncheons, talent shows, and even a musical production of Pilgrim’s Progress in 2007. Under God’s guidance and blessing, the new site was completed in March 2009 and BCAC fully established at Rochedale.

Congregational Growth

Once established, BCAC flourished into two language congregations, Cantonese and English. The Cantonese Congregation ministers to first-generation Cantonese migrants of all ages, whether in university, working or retired. The English Congregation ministers not only to the second-generation children of Cantonese migrants but also to people from non-Cantonese backgrounds, young and old. In 2011, the Mandarin Congregation was established and has seen significant growth too. Each congregation works interdependantly with each other to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their particular target group, and all help in nurturing the growth of the children in the Children’s Ministry.

Much congregational growth meant that more pastoral staff was needed as well. In answer to prayer, BCAC was blessed with Pastor Chris Lung and his wife Grace, Pastor Chong Low and Pastor Thomas Chan.

Reaching Our Community.

This community has been taken on a journey to the Rochedale community. BCAC has one goal, to hold out the good news of Jesus to any who may hear. This goal is not bounded by race, culture, nor geographical location, so this may not even be the end point of the journey for BCAC. We would love you to join us in seeing what God has in store.