Adults Sunday School

All classes run from 9am till 10.30am on Sunday mornings, during school term.

 Biblical Foundations Course (BFC) (Vincent and April; Terms 1 & 2, 2016)

At BCAC, we have seen the need to create a firm Biblical foundation, with Christ as the cornerstone (Eph 2:20), for our young believers. In order to help them walk firmly in the Way of the Lord, we need to help them clearly see His Guiding Light. A solid grounding, a firm, deep root, into the basic Doctrinal principles of the Christian Faith, drawn from Biblical Truth, is necessary to enable our young brothers and sisters to draw deeply from the Word so that they can grow healthily and glorify God mightily. This is the reason for this Biblical Foundations Course. This course is also the pre-requisite for all Baptismal candidates. The topics covered include the Bible, God (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), Sin, Salvation and other fundamental doctrines of Christianity.


 Relational Wisdom (Pastor Chris; Term 1, 2016)

God is not silent, withdrawn, or a mere statue, but he communicates.  He is relational by nature and makes us relational too.  The Bible is full of wisdom on how to relate well to ourselves, to other people, and to God.  This course considers how we can grow in relational wisdom in all three directions (Self, Others, God).


Studying the Bible yourself (Pastor Chris; Term 2, 2016)


Many Christians feel ill-equipped to read the Bible without 'expert' assistance, from a church leader or the author of a Christian book.  This course is designed to teach a few basic skills in how you can study the Bible confidently.  We'll get plenty of practice, as we work through a book of the Bible together.